Thank you for choosing ineo as a trusted brand to provide you with the most competitive quality products; we will be happy to provide you with our best solutions and services, while ineo brand enterprise store provides you with a seven-day package refund, 15 Service commitment for day replacement, 1 year warranty and lifetime maintenance. Please read the following return / exchange / defect policy carefully as directed and keep the warranty card properly.

Warranty Policy

Return information

Address: World Importer, LLC 137 S. 8th Ave. Suite J La Puente, CA 91746

Phone number: 626-342-6714

Three Guarantees

1. All the ineo series of products legally purchased in mainland China who have "performance failure" due to quality reasons can enjoy the company's service commitments: seven days return, 15 days replacement, 1 year warranty and lifetime maintenance.

2. Return within 7 days without reason: Within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods, without affecting the secondary sales of the goods (packaging and accessories are intact), you can apply for a return without reason, and the return shipping fee is borne by the user. (After opening the sealed packaging of individual products, it will affect the secondary sales and will not accept returns.)

3. Replacement within 15 days: from the 8th to the 15th day from the date of receipt of the goods, due to product quality problems or performance failures, you can choose to replace the same model, the same specifications and the same price products or maintenance, the freight is borne by the seller.

4. Lifetime maintenance: All ineo products are provided with lifelong maintenance services; within 12 months from the date of receipt of the goods, the product has "performance failure", you can enjoy maintenance services by contacting the ineo brand enterprise store; Material fee and labor fee (the charging standard is implemented according to national requirements).


The following conditions are not included in the warranty:

1. Products modified without permission from ineo; the serial number or warranty label is worn, altered or lost.

2. Normal wear and tear.

3. Damage caused by non-normal operation.

4. Damage or malfunction caused by the following situations: accident, abuse, misuse, negligence, fire, flooding, electric shock or other natural disasters; unauthorized product modification or operation according to the instructions. Repairs are made at non-ineo official website repair points.

5. The above three guarantees (referring to return, replacement and repair) services will be implemented in accordance with the "limited warranty clauses" listed in Article (3) below.


In order to protect your legal rights, please pay attention to the following information

In order to get the rights of "repair, replacement and return" granted by ineo brand enterprise store, please:

1. Please bring the original purchase invoice during maintenance (the invoice must be filled in by the sales unit and stamped with the official seal, and must not be altered, otherwise it will be invalid).

2. Within the validity period of the three guarantees, the user must issue a purchase invoice to enjoy the right of replacement or refund; if the user cannot issue a valid purchase invoice, the 90th day after the factory date is the starting date of the warranty period. .

3. If the replacement conditions are met, only the defective part is replaced. If the host fails, only replace the host. Others will not be replaced and the proof of purchase (copy of invoice or receipt) will be recovered at the same time.


Limited Warranty Terms: Return, replacement and warranty services are only valid under normal use. All man-made damage and the following terms are not covered by the return, replacement and warranty. But our company can provide maintenance services and charge appropriate fees

1. Product damage due to negligence, negligence, misuse, misuse, or disaster damage by the user or a third party (such as: food liquid sticky stains, water ingress, external force cracks, damage to peripheral parts, etc.).

2. The user disassembles the machine without damage caused by repair and modification approved by Shenzhen Yuanchuang Shidai Technology Co., Ltd.

3. Improperly connected accessories, failure to use according to the instructions, product damage due to transportation and other accidents.

4. Product failure or damage caused by incorrect or improper operation.

5. Various labels, parts, consumable parts of the product's appearance and natural wear of the product's appearance due to long-term use.

6. The validity period of the three guarantees is exceeded.

7. Without proof of purchase and valid invoice, except those who can prove that the product is within the validity period of the three guarantees.

8. The content on the purchase voucher does not match the physical identification of the product or is altered.


Special instructions

1. Regarding water ingress or serious man-made damaged product repairs, you must first sign the relevant repair agreement, otherwise, our company regards the user as not agreeing to repair.

2. Due to product quality problems and man-made damage at the same time, no longer enjoy the warranty right, but our company provides repair services, at the same time, depending on the damage, the material fee and maintenance fee will be charged.

3. If the product does not meet the warranty conditions, a fee shall be charged. The maintenance record or the fee invoice or receipt must indicate the reason for the non-compliance with the warranty conditions, and the user is required to sign for approval, otherwise the user will be responsible for the complaint.


The precautions when sending the machine for repair

1. Please fill in the italics when filling in the repair order. You must fill in the user's name, contact phone number, fault phenomenon, request for testing or maintenance, and other content. We will judge and process according to the content filled by the user.

2. Before sending the machine for repair, please record and delete the important information stored in the product to avoid loss or leakage.

If there is any inconsistency or omission with the national policy, the national policy shall prevail.

Specific service content and measures