These are the Most Rugged, Durable M.2 NVMe Enclosures for Your SSD

Created on:2020-05-14 14:20



If you’ve been considering building your own external SSD drive, you’ve got your choice of cases. Are you looking for something big and beefy? Probably not, or you wouldn’t be using an M.2 interface. But that can lead you into some trouble: specifically, a lot of M.2 cases aren’t very durable. They’re designed to slip into your pocket, not to take a serious beating.


To help you out of this bind, we’ve put together an overview of three of the best rugged M.2 NVMe enclosures available online. We’ll be looking first and foremost for durability, but we’ll also be looking for quality connections and fast transfer speeds. If rugged construction is less important to you than some of these other features, check out to the Guide to the Best USB Type-C Enclosure for M.2 NVMe SSD that we did last January. We had some great selections, and a lot of helpful info. For everyone else, let’s get started!